Worldwide Evangelism Ordination

Members with License Credentials through Worldwide Evangelism and in good standing for a minimum of one year, may request to hold credentials with Worldwide Evangelism as an Ordained Minister.

To be ordained by WE:

A. Fill in the questionnaire and submit. Printable version here or fill out the questionnaire online form below.

B.  After the completed questionnaire is received, you will be contacted by a WE Presbyter for an Ordination interview.

  1. The interview will be by phone.
  2. Upon approval you will be asked to schedule an Ordination Service in your local church.

C.  Schedule an Ordination Service

  1. WE will attempt, as far as possible, to have a WE Presbyter available to lead or assist in the Ordination ceremony. Out of consideration for the Presbyter, it is recommended that the candidate should arrange for the expenses of the Presbyter to be covered either by himself/herself personally, by his/her ministry, or by the local church hosting the service.
  2. If a WE Presbyter cannot be accommodated for some reason, WE will accept the ordination by the local church under the leadership of an ordained minister of the Gospel provided the following guidelines are observed.
  • There are witnesses present at the ordination
  • A charge to ministry is read from the Word of God (WE suggest 2 Timothy 4:1-5)
  • An exhortation is given by an ordained minister to be faithful to God’s call.
  • A prayer with the laying on of hands by at least two ministers of the Gospel is given.

D.  After the Ordination Service

  1. The candidate will notify the WE office of the completed event and send either their ordination certificate issued by their local church or letter from ordaining church with name, date, and location of the ordination service.
  2. The WE office will issue Worldwide Evangelism certificate of Ordination and a new credential card.
A Man Undergoing Ordination in Progress
1 Step 1
Worldwide Evangelism

1. Why are you seeking to be ordained?

2.  What is your purpose/vision/and goal for yourself as an ordained minister?

3.  What has been your degree of ministry since you became a member of Worldwide Evangelism?

4. Are you following the same path of ministry you were when you joined WE?

5.  Do you serve under the same pastor as when you became a WE member?

6.  Does your Pastor support your desire for ordination?

Please list your Pastor's full name, the church commissioning you for ordination/performing the ordination ceremony.

7.  What activities/works are you presently involved in?

8.  Please summarize your works over the past twelve months:

9. Date you are seeking new level of ministry:

10.  Additional comments: