Become an Associate Church

From WE Chairman, Kemp Holden…A new step for WE is that we now are both a fellowship of ministers and an Association of Churches. Pastors and Ministry Founders (members of WE) I would like for you to consider your church or ministry becoming an “Associate.” Remember we have no ecclesiastical power over your congregation or ministry nor do we seek any. However, this is so important for so many reasons:

  • By becoming an association of churches it gives us the full power to issue credentials of ordination recognized by the IRS.
  • It allows your church or ministry to be part of something bigger than itself.
  • We are all much stronger when we are connected.

Remember we are offering this opportunity through December 31, 2016 at no cost. I hope you will participate in this as it is very important to our fellowship.

Pastors and Ministry Founders who are members of WE, can become an “Associate” Church or Ministry with WE.

To begin the application process, please fill out the electronic form below.

Church Application Ministry Application