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Worldwide Evangelism
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Worldwide Evangelism
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WE Membership

Ministerial Membership/Credential:

Ordained Minister Membership/Credential – has a proven ministry and has demonstrated clear evidence of God’s ordination and calling on his life.

Licensed Minister Membership/Credential –  allows an applicant to prove his God-ordained ministry prior to ordination.

Lay Minister Membership/Credential – active in a supportive role in the ministry.

Marketplace Membership

Marketplace Ministry membership is for those in the business community who have a desire to impact the world with the Gospel, but do not feel called to be credentialed as an ordained or licensed minister. If you believe that God has prospered your business to advance the message of Jesus around the world, this ministry is for you.

Why others credential and connect with WE

"I wanted to become a member of WE because their values are the same as mine. Love the covering that WE will give."
Jessica Tomlinson Smiling Headshot
Jessica Tomlinson
Globe International
"As an international evangelist, it's been my desire to work and network with like-minded leaders to learn."
Norman Paul Desire Smiling Headshot
Norman Paul Desire
Christ for the Nations Ministries
"I wanted to become a member of WE because for the past 11 years I have attended different WE functions and I desire to network and be connected with like-minded individuals that have the heart to make Christ famous in our world through Kingdom advancement. It is my firm belief that we can do more together than apart and fellowship and networks are powerful for encouragement, sharing ideas, prayer, and biblical accountability."
Virgil Keith Lee Smiling Headshot
Virgil Lee
Catalyst Church
"I've been exposed to many leaders and pastors who are ministry partners with WE. It is an unquestionable fit to me. I've always known I had a ministry calling on my life, but really didn't understand what that would look like. Over the past couple of years, I've really come to recognize the pastoral calling on my life. Being granted a license through WE will officially recognize the mantle I've already been carrying."
Hannah Gentry Smiling Headshot
Hannah Gentry
Harvest Time
"I attended a WE conference and was so impressed with the organization as a whole and felt it would be a good, safe spot for me."
Janice Hicks Smiling Headshot Image
Janice Hicks
Summit Church
"I love the vision of this organization. I would be proud to hold my membership and ministry licensing through Worldwide Evangelism."
Micah Willard Smiling Headshot
Micah Willard
Antioch Church

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