Applying for
with Worldwide Evangelism

WE are happy about your interest in Worldwide Evangelism. Please take a moment and review the information below to help your application go as smoothly as possible.

Applying for WE Membership

Application Process

1.   Application

2.   Application fee of $75

3A.  FOR ORDINATION RECOGNITION: Provide WE your Ordination Certificate upon the authority of a church. New applications desiring a status of “Ordained” will only be considered if prior Ordination upon the authority of a local church has been granted. If no prior ordination, the level of “license” shall be considered.

3B.  FOR LICENSED or LAY MINISTER RECOGNITION:  Provide WE a letter on church letterhead from the church under which you currently serve, stating your role and responsibilities.

4.  Each applicant must be referred by a current WE member in good standing with WE. As you fill out the application, list the name of your referral. The WE office will then contact them for the referral.

5.  Upon fulfilling the above requirements, the applicant will have an interview by a WE Presbyter. Following the interview, the Presbyter will make a recommendation to WE of the applicant’s approval and level of accreditation.

6.  Annual membership is January through December. To complete the application process, at time you are approved for WE membership, the annual membership fee will be due. This will be pro-rated quarterly from the date of your application. Annual membership Ordained/Licensed Recognition:  $200 person/$300 couple, and Lay Minister Recognition: $100. The second year of your membership, beginning in January for the calendar year, the full membership will be due.


Before you begin the application

You will be asked to provide several documents, including copies of your prior ordination/licensure (if applicable), letter from your church under which you currently serve stating your current role and responsibilities, and a current photo.

Please make sure you have these items available in electronic format before you begin filling out the application.

Applicants for WE membership must have referral from a current member in good standing with WE. Have your referral’s name/phone number/and email. Upon receipt of your application, WE will contact the person you listed as our referral.

Please note: WE have many couples involved in ministry where both are members. Membership is on an individual basis and only members have voting privileges. Membership of one spouse does not transfer to the other. If a couple desires to hold memberships with Worldwide Evangelism, both the husband and wife should apply, and the process of membership will be as stated above for each applicant. Application fees and membership dues will be on an individual basis. Following approval of membership, in second year of membership, the couples membership discount will apply.